Car for rent in Kyrgyzstan

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Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will be witnessed to combination of two different lifestyle. Some Kyrgyz people still practice nomadic style of living while there are many modern cities like Bishkek. The well –organized tour will help you to discover real wonders of Kyrgyzstan. However, full package trip can cost considerably expensive. For that reason, car rent companies offer free drive tours in Kyrgyzstan. By renting a car, you will save money and time as well.

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There are some basic and simple requirements for renting a car from our company in Kyrgyzstan. First, the person should be 22 years old and have been driving at least one year. Then in order to keep the booking of rental car, we only need copies of documents and prepayment depending on the cost of rent. The delivery of car can be done to any part of Bishkek or directly to airport. It will take seconds to make the rest of the payments and get the keys of rental car. By the wave of the magic stick, you will get started you adventure in Kyrgyzstan easily.
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