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For the last several years such countries of Central Asia as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan getting its popularity among travelers from all over the world. What makes them so interesting comparing to other well –known destinations in the world? First of all nature and unique culture of the “stan” makes traveling unforgettable for all categories of tourists. But of course before going to the new destination you would like to get some information about important things.
The are some frequently asked questions . How is transportation there? Do I need travel agency ? Can I find car rent office or how can I find car for rent through internet . What kind of tours these country offer? For example If you want to see the remains of Soviet Union you need to spend some time discovering biggest cities : Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. The transportation between this cities are well developed. You can find an auto in several car rent services.
Our company offers car for rent by the way. What kind of auto can be recommended for such trips. It is more depends where one want to go. People who like nature can find four wheel car for rent to go off road tour in the mountains located near Bishkek or Almaty. If you want to visit sightseeings of Dushanbe it can be better to take a sedan auto. There several web sites to find car for rent and our company offer car rent service for travelers. You need just to decide what auto you want to take and what is your first destination Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan. After that your tour will be absolutely amazing and unbelievable. You will get a chance to dive in the land of contrast where new technologies exist with old century traditions side by side.