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As one wise man wrote: “adventure awaits those, who harness the winds of the spirit”. Our car rent company thinks the same, but we want to help those, who are in need of adventures, and therefore we are offering them one of the best auto tours in the Central Asian terrain, which will bring pleasures to them. The auto tour is one of the most adventurous elements of tourism, because it allows travelers to forget about the problems and routine of the everyday life and plunge into the adventures, which unknown lands and roads are providing them with. The countries, which our car rent company wants to introduce you are Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, which are among the most interesting countries of Central Asia. The capitals of these countries are situated in the cities named Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. The city of Bishkek was named after the stick, with the help of which the traditional drink kumis is prepared. It is a fermented mare mil, which is prepared by the nomadic people of this region. The city of Almaty means the city of apples and this fruit is the main symbol of the city. You will be able to buy many authentic souvenirs in the form of the apple. The name of Dushanbe city means Monday. According to one legend, the city was founded on Monday and therefore the future citizens had given such an interesting name to the settlement.
Our car rent company is able to organize one of the most interesting self-driving auto tours throughout Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and we are sure that you will like such auto tour and the first visit to Central Asia will be followed by the second, etc. The services, which we are rendering on the territory of above-mentioned countries, are connected with travelling. The first of them are tightly connected with the cars for rent. Our auto renting company is able to provide you the cars for rent for very reasonable prices and you can learn all of the prices by visiting the official website of our auto renting company, where the cars for rent are presented together with the detailed description of the capacities. Choose our car rent company and you will enjoy not only the breathtaking landscapes, but also high quality services.